There – and back again

We have finally had time to sit down and look at the route, and now we have a rough schedule and an approximate route.

Oh yes – you are totally right. It is very ambitious! 15000 km in only 30 days. That is 500 km per day in average…

We have posted the route on Facebook, and as expected many of the people out there advice against this distance in so few days. Well, they might be right, and then they might not. Make a bet ?

Amongst the three of us we have well over 100 years of riding experience. That is more then 1 million kilometers motorcycle riding, and a great part of that is touring both short and long distance. Hence we should have enough experience to figure out that this plan is foolish. Too ambitious, too hard for both men and machines, too painful and with no time to experience everything worth experiencing along the way.

And then again, maybe not…. We’ll see.

Underway our youngster, Kenneth, will turn fifty. That will hopefully happen somewhere remote in Mongolia, and we plan for a rest day the day after.

We will be grateful for any advice that can help us ease the trip (we have already noticed that some find it too far in too few days).

Contacts and helpers along the way is also welcome.

Initially our plan was to ride to Ulan Bator, and then ship the bikes back to Europe, but after having looked into it we find this too expensive. And we would probably have to cope with weeks without the bikes before we could pick them up somewhere.

And – it is far cooler to ride them back home.

There – and back again!

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

7 thoughts on “There – and back again

Looks like an exciting trip to the far east…


Hi Guys
I really do wish you luck and a safe ride but this is very ambitious to cover 15k in 30 days and I say this after listening to hundreds of riders that stop at my shop in Tbilisi Georgia every season for service and tires on route to Russia, Mongolia and beyond.
I’m very interested to understand what bikes you’re riding and what spare parts / servicing components you intend to carry with you?
Looking forward to further updates as you progress with your journey.
All the best
Graham Hodge


For noen nisser!! Dumb-dumber ??


I wish for you to make it! And if you don’t, just make sure you’ll be able to make a second attempt. 🙂
Ride safe!


Misunner dere turen. Sett mange reise-skildringer opp gjennom årene. Distansen er teknisk mulig på stipulert tid, men denne reisen går gjennom tusenvis av utrolige severdigheter og dere må velge bort alt for mye etter min smak. Men så er jo ikke jeg med heller. Ønsker dere en fantastisk tur. Ta godt vare på tenåringen, han er litt umoden. Hilsen fra pappaen.


Helt enig i at vi passerer mye som vi burde fått med oss men vi har desverre bare 30 dager og Mongolia er egentlig målet ? Alltid litt slitsomt å ha med ungdommer som må passeres på, men vi lover å gjøre vårt beste ?? Hilsen Siggen.


There is no reason this should be impossible, except bad luck and war.


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