Plan B is taking form

Plan B is taking form

Time for an update. Corona time is crazy time. Frustrating, boring, expensive, and mind bugging – but first of all sad and frightening for all those being infected, hospitalized and even critically ill.

So far none in our team or any of our near ones are infected, and we cross our fingers that it will stay like that.

The big question is how this situation will impact our trip to Ulan Bator. We have so far been in a denial faze, but we are about to realize that we most likely must postpone the trip until 2021. We haven’t made the final decision yet and have given ourselves until mid-May. Then we still have four weeks to arrange for the visas.

Since we are three extremely smart men, we do realize that our chances are nearly none for a Mongolia tour this year, we are well into the details in Plan B.

Plan B is to ride the TET all the way to North Cape, doing a lot of wild camping on the way, taking pictures and capture video clips along the way for the joy of ourselves and our followers. This will be an excellent adventure, but to do this the Norwegian Government first have to release the ban for entering Norway from Sweden without being quarantined. If not, we will have to dig up Plan C from the bottom of the plans stack. Whatever the situation, there will be an adventure.

Meanwhile we are getting enthusiastic about the riding gear provided by Clover. The Crossover 4 suits are so far giving a solid impression. As you can tell from the video, we have tested it in cold conditions, and the three-layer system works fine. Looking forward to try it in hotter conditions, but so far we are very happy with how it performs.

Stay tuned

Per, Sigmund and Kenneth

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

5 thoughts on “Plan B is taking form

Hei Sigg .
I think at the worst case scenario you and your companions will be able to manage sort of ( let’s call ) TET Norway extension along Swedish border , just spend some time to review maps . Im pretty sure that is possible without entering Sweden . Mvh Adam .
PS . I hope one day we meet each other since we live in same town .


We will find something 😉 See you on the road! 🙂


Blir helt sikkert en fin tur i 2021 også, men ventetid er aldri gøy for en motorsykkelist 😉

Ser det er en del som tenker alternativt i år og spesielt nordover. Kan det bli kø på TET ruten ?? 😉

Takk for oppdateringer


2021 blir nok bra ja… 😉 Har jo ventet i over 2 år allerede men ikke mye å gjøre med det… TET blir moro men får ikke håpe det blir kø 🙂 Alltid kjekt å møte folk i skauen 🙂


Plan B er glimrende. Kjører deler av den i sommer. Sverige åpner seg:-)


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