Day one – Amok in Norway

Finally on our way!!! After two years of planning for Mongolia and Ulan Bator, we are finally on our way – to Northern Norway.

Given the situation, we couldn’t have been happier. Today have been very hot, and the bikes are smiling an growling happily for finally be rolling.

Sigmund and Per took off from Bergen this morning, and linked up with the two Highlanders in the group, Kenneth and Sigbjørn, at Beitostølen. At that point Sigbjørn and Kenneth had already been forced to trespass a couple of gates. One of them was impossible to pass, until they got the idea of going over the snow with the bikes. The ride over the mountain pass was worth the effort!

From Beitostølen we rode east towards Dovreskogen over Valdresflya, and the the amazing Grimsdalen to Grimsrud for the first camp.

Now it is beer and planning tomorrows route. Then plan is to follow an eastern route north and maybe we can reach the polar circle tomorrow. But you know – no combat plan ever survives combat.

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

4 thoughts on “Day one – Amok in Norway

Have a blast on the trails, and don’t forget your aim at Mongolia when enjoying your trails “@home” Have fun, and enjoy your company 🤘🍷😎


Kose dere gutter. Skal til Nord-Norge selv senere i sommer så blir fint med tips 🌞


God tur, gutter 👍


Jeg følger med å ser pr satellitt i lag med Putin – 2 kjekke karer som flyr bort etter karte dette blir bra som et godt substitutt for en reise gjennom Putin land


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