Day 2 – Grimsbu – Mosjøen

What a day!! Early up for a long riding day. We wanted to cover some distance northbound, but also follow a route our good friend Kjetil Hjellegjerdet had suggested. The mountain pass over to Tydal was fabulous and we even had a meeting with some raindeers. Thanks, Kjetil.

We entered the Trøndelag via backroads near Selbu and dropped by the devine Hell railway station were God has his own expedition. From there we hit the E6 main road to cover some good miles before the end of the day. One of the good things of riding in Norway is that the further north you get, the longer the days get, until there is no night at all. Tomorrow we will pass the Arctic Circle, and enter the land of the midnight sun for real, but even here in Mosjøen where we will spend the night, there is no dark.

Being Staurday we have treated usselves with a cabin and a decent dinner with cold beers. Speaking of cold – today has been anything but cold. Temperatures above 30 degrees celsius the most of the day, and we have really had the opportunity to try out the Clover Crossover 4’s ability to deal with hot conditions. It is absolutely fabulous! When all air inlets are open it is more of a mesh jacket than an ordinary adventure jacket. Love it.

Tomorrow, we are continuing north towards North Cape.

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

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Hi, looks like a lot of fun! Keep the reports coming! I am very curios how 24 hours daylight feels after a few days.


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