DAY 3 AND 4 – Mosjøen-North Cape – Karasjok

Apologize for a late posting, but the day 3 and 4 reports had to be merged. We did a marathon and rode from Mosjøen to North Cape in one stage. That is 1200 kilometers. We started from Mosjøen at 06:50 and entered the North Cape plateau around 03:00. A long day on winding Norwegian roads, but it was an excellent ride in continuously changing landscapes. And the weather was better then we dared to hope for. A 20 hours ride is much easier when the sun is up all the time. We slipped into our sleeping bags for a few hours, before we rode the last few kilometers up to the very northern edge of Europe. We got the mandatory stickers, a very overpriced but tasty coffee, and an equally overpriced but less tasty bagel. The visitor center is usually crowdy at this time of year, but due to the corona situation we were the only visitors there in the morning. It was pretty cold at -3 Celsius, but absolutely worth the effort, even though the usual fog curtained the view at the top. We followed the Porsangerfjord south (actually no options) and had lunch in Lakselv. Kenneth served here with the Army 30 years ago, and he was enthusiastic about being back. We stopped early for a decent night in the Amok Draumr hammocks, and found a nice camp-site near the Tana river at the border to Finland just east of Karasjok. The mosquitos attacked immediately, but we were preparere with mosquito nets and chemicals . By the way, we saw a lot of reindeers….

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

4 thoughts on “DAY 3 AND 4 – Mosjøen-North Cape – Karasjok

Very fun to follow your tripp 😄 have a continued nice ride for more adventures


The Mosquito net is a mandatory I can see. Must have been a struggling tour from Mosjøen to Nordkapp. But I recognise some happy fellows enjoying just struggles.


Ka e henne fer slags hændikæptur?(sorry) Bruk Trøndelag som transportetappe? D e d værste æ hi hørd! D går da an å finn ti grusvæga som t å me du Kenneth klare å fårser me den blankpolert Dukatin din!!!


Haha…kjekt å se du følger oss Edgar. Klar for å vise oss Fosens perler?


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