Day 5 and 7 – Karasjok-Øvre Pasvik-Grense Jakobselv-Finnish Lapland

Sleeping in hammocks when the sun never set makes it hard to sleep. Late asleep and early up. We went along the Tana River and the border to Finland for a while. In Tana we stopped by the previous famous camping site Skiippagurra now being a family camp. Some years ago the place were known for more adult activities… We had a meal in Kirkenes before we went of to the wilderness in Upper Pasvik following the Russian border south(!). Fortunately we met a Norwegian border patrol and they gave us the coordinates for a nice place to camp. They obviously know this area well. The place was absolutely awesome. Sitting on the riverbed only 100 m from Russia watching the big fat trout going up the stream was magic. 
The next morning the magic was gone. Kenneths Ducati was leaking oil!! After some investigation we concluded that it must be from the oil cooler. Could have been worse, and the leak was not severe and allowed us to carefully drive back the 100 km to Kirkenes. There we got help from a local guy who welded the oil radiator. Many thanks to Zenja and Toyota in Kirkenes. The good side of it all was that this was so far the only day of rain, and the best day to be stucked. We treated ourselves with a hotel and a good meal. 
With the  Ducati fixed we could continue our plan to go as far as we could within Norway and the Corona regulations – Grense Jakobselv. With the border river being only A few meters wide this was as close to Russia we could possible come. We have planned for the trip through Russia all the way to Mongolia for two years, now this was the closest we could get.
From Grense Jakobselv we headed south and into Finland. We wanted to hit the TET route of northern Finland and follow this west back into Norway. We did find it and are there as we write this. A bit disappointed about the TET so far. Mostly tarred road, and long straight stretches through the woods. The plan now is to follow the TET all the way to Alta before we head south along the Norwegian coast. 


Per, Kenneth og Siggen

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Dette ser ut til å være en fantastisk tur😎
Han flott reise videre


Kjør safe og nyt reisen!


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