DAY 8-11 – Post road over Finnmarksvidda, Tromsø and Lofoten.

We have had to much fun or been to busy or too lazy to report daily. Forgive us.

We left the Finnish Lapland by the TET route back to Norway, via Kautokeino and over Finnmarksvidda to Alta. Over Finnmarksvidda the TET follows the old post road between Alta and Kautokeino. It is still drivable/rideable, but is mostly used by ATVs. It must only just have been opened after the winter and was still very wet. Kenneth’s Ducati had an electrical issue, so he and Per took the main road towards Alta and stopped at a “Fjellstue” (mountain lodge) to have a coffee and fix the Duc. The Sigs (Sigmund og Sigbjørn) went over and had a really good time. It was harder, longer and far wetter then expected.

When in Alta we decided to take a long one and ride all the way down to Tromsø to have a decent meal and a shower. To our frustration we arrived too late to get that decent meal. All we could get was a pre baked pizza at a pub. Fortunately pizza is not all you can have in a pub. Tromsø on a Friday is always an experience.

From Tromsø we went to Lofoten to meet a friend who lives there. He and his wife welcomed us to their awesome place. The weather was top summer and the view, beer and the whale beef matched perfectly. Absolutely awesome.
After a late breakfast in the garden, our local host fired up his orange ride and guided us to all the best spots and roads in this mind blowing landscape. Can’t wait to get back. Thanks guys!!

We took a late ferry over til Skutvik, and found a nice spot for our Amok hammocks by a fjord and fell asleep with our heads filled with awe of our own country. The pandemic has forced us to explore our domestic possibilities, and so far we couldn’t have asked for more.

Today (Monday) we have ridden south to Mosjøen, and are considering the weather forecast to decide where to end this adventure.

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

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