Day 12 and onwards….

We left Mosjøen in full raingear. Wet weather and heavy clouds covered the normally scenic surroundings. We were spoiled with some fantastic days of warm summer days and midnight sun, and had a hard time motivating ourselves for further exploring. The weather forecast had made us haste to Northern Norway, and we had visited all the bucket list sites that we had aimed for. We discussed what to do over lunch and decided to ride south to Dombås. From there the “brotherhood” would part the next day.

Per, Kenneth and our breakfast chef rode home, but Sigmund wanted to continue his adventure for some days.

We had ridden almost the entire length of our beautiful country and visited the northernmost point (North Cape) and the most eastern point (Grense Jakobselv), and we had been very close to the geographical center point of Norway. The actual point is in the middle of the woods and one has to walk quite a bit to reach it.

Sigmund found it a good idea to also visit West Cape and the most western point, and then go to Lindesnes and the southernmost point of our country to complete the bucket list of the farthest apart points of Norway.

We could not go to Mongolia this year but have used the opportunity to visit some of the iconic places in our own country.

Sigmund will finish the story with his extra few days. 

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

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