A real Norwegian Adventure

Wildcamping on the border to Russia, 8300km to Norway’s corners (and a bit Finland). Northern Cape, furthest east to the Grensejakobselv. As far from home as we can get in Norway, all the way south in the Pasvik valley. Europe’s northernmost border crossing, Storskog. Then Siggen ended the trip alone with some more of Norways “corners”. West Cape and Norway’s highest road to Juvasshytta, 1841 m above sea level, at Galhøgpiggen. Sognefjellet which is northern Europe’s highest mountain crossing. The world’s longest tunnel, Lærdalstunellen, 24,5km. Norway’s southernmost point, Lindesnes. Traveld even to Hell 😅. Also visited all the counties in Norway and the capital were he visited Oslo’s main landmark, the Scotchman pub. Also visited Lofoten ( were we stayed with the worlds best hosts ❤), Artic Circle, Tindevegen, Trollstigen and Lysebotn. Great 2 weeks 😆

#cloverriders #ridebergen
Route here: https://eur-share.inreach.garmin.com/GravelBoysBerge

Per, Kenneth og Siggen

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